Professional skills and knowledge of welder



The main skills of the welder?

The expected abilities of the welder are the following:

Be informed - analyse

Decode drawings and diagrams. Identify and check components. Decode and analyse operating data.

Process - decide

Establish a manufacturing range for simple elements. Draw up a range of assembly of simple elements. Draw up a welding range (order and position of the fastening points).

Organise - carry out

Organise and prepare the workstation. Carry out: A simple element, A qualification type welded assembly, Operations related to welding, In the workshop, the assembly and assembly by welding of a structure or part of a structure. On site, the assembly and assembly by welding of a work or part of a work.

Maintain in good condition

Ensure the maintenance of welding equipment. The knowledge associated with the skills is an integral part of the welding professional. It must allow to: Identify the characteristics of an assembly. Choose the means of manufacture. Determine the order of assembly. Establish a manufacturing or welding range. Visually check the quality of a joint. Name the causes of defects found. Propose remedies. Define the means of preventing professional risks.